People who benefit from ICE Packet

What would happen if you were unable to communicate with emergency medical responders?

ICE Packet is a small device that will do the talking for you.

ICE Packet enables medical personnel to quickly learn about your special medical needs and emergency contact information. Paramedics can get to work on what is important - getting you the treatment you need.

Filling out back-to-school forms? Taking care of an elderly parent?

ICE Packet can also be used as a personal database of medical records, like medications, immunization dates, allergies and insurance information.

ICE Packet contains information that is important to YOU.

  • Photograph
  • Name, address, phone
  • Emergency contact information
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Special medical needs, allergies
  • Physician information
  • Insurance information
Keep ICE Packet handy by clipping the device to your keychain, a child’s book bag or on a lanyard. Weighs less than half an ounce and easily fits in the palm of your hand.

ICE Packet (white)