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ICE Packet keeps your personal information safe and ready for use in an emergency. ICE Packet aids paramedics by communicating your critical information - your name, medical conditions and contact information.

ICE Packet simplifies medical filing at home! ICE Packet can be regularly updated with medical data - so much more convenient than a file folder! Print out a copy of your childís ICE Packet and give it to the day care or babysitter. Donít remember that long list of immunizations? Store the dates on ICE Packet and youíre ready to fill out those school enrollment forms.

How does it work?

The device
ICE Packet stores your data on a USB drive using an easy-to-use application.

ICE Packet is shock proof and water resistant. Store ICE Packet on a keychain or backpack - your data is safe and nearby at all times!

ICE Packet is Windows and Mac compatible.

Windows compatibleMac compatible

Storing your information
ICE Packet is easy to use.

Connect ICE Packet to a USB port on your computer. Start the application with a double click.

ICE Packet logoICE Packet application screenshot

Entering your personal data:

  • Enter your information and records in ICE Packet by simply opening the ICE Packet program and typing in your information. Enter as much information as you would like. Click "SAVE" and close ICE Packet. Remove ICE Packet and carry with you.

    ICE Packet application with data loaded screenshot

For more details on how ICE Packet works, please see the demo.



ICE Packet is there to communicate for you in case of an emergency.

Need to print out records for school or child care? Instead of trying to remember your childís last immunization or re-writing their list of allergies, just click the PRINT button!

ICE Packetís rubberized plastic shell is water resistant and ready to be attached to a book bag. Parents canít always be with their children, but in case of a crisis, emergency responders will know who to call.

Let ICE Packet manage your prescriptions and help you fill out all of those medical forms.

ICE Packetís medical logo is easily understood in foreign countries. Small and lightweight - takes up minimal space in your luggage!

ICE Packet is the record keeper for everyoneís medical history. Replace those slips of paper and old file folder - ICE Packet is easy to use, even for computer novices.

Use ICE Packetís PRINT feature - no more hand writing copies of the kidsí allergies and doctorsí names. Perfect for the babysitter and day care.

Water resistant and shockproof, ICE Packet will go the distance with you. ICE Packet acts as your ID, and so much more, when youíre out on a solo bike ride or playing sports in the park with friends.


ICE Packet (blue)
People who can benefit from ICE Packet